Helping Durham Region – Rogers TV – Interview with Community Justice Alternatives of Durham

About Us

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018!

Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region was founded in 1981 as a non-profit agency partially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and is assisted by local Municipal grants, donations from local churches, community groups, individuals and businesses.

Our Mission is to function as a visible expression of concern for justice in the community by providing services to address the needs of those affected by conflict.

Our programs contribute toward the prevention of crime and the development of safer communities by addressing social issues and the rehabilitation of offenders. Our programs promote stronger communication and healthier well-being of family life.

We operate with a staff of 5 employees and 2 administrative volunteers, over 20 other volunteers and annually handle over hundreds of clients in the Durham Region. In addition to our ongoing programs we offer various services to the community.  Ask about our Community Mediation and our Restorative Justice Training Services