Conflict, Anger, Learning Communication, Mediation (CALM) – Fee for Service

This project seeks to provide a series of workshops to all youth, not just those experiencing multiple barriers to life successes. These workshops will be experiential in nature and teaches youth how to manage and deal with their personal conflict and anger styles. Embedded in the workshop series will be the following.

Workshop 1 – Conflict

Workshop 2 – Anger

Workshop 3 – Learning communication

Workshop 4 – Mediation


This project seeks to work with youth in developing the necessary skills to deal with conflicts.

The goal of this project is to provide youth with the opportunity to develop skills (primarily conflict management skills) so they can improve relationships with peers, parents and those in authority. Youth will have a positive environment to explore their personal conflict and anger styles. The participants will have the opportunity to strengthen their ability to address issues surrounding conflict in a productive manner that supports conflict resolution. This will reduce and minimize the escalation of violence within our communities. The skills gained in the workshops are useful for all relationships and each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of all four workshops.

Referrals from: Parents, Youth Outreach Workers, Principals, SALEP, Teachers, Social Workers, Probation Officers, Youth Counsellors, Youth, Pastors, Self-Referrals, Extra Judicial Measures, Extra Judicial Sanctions and Lawyers in Durham Region.

FEE FOR INDIVIDUAL SERVICE is $65.00 for the workshops (group rates can be arranged (schools, organizations, etc.))